L’Ecole de Van Cleef and Arpels returns to NYC

photography of woman near tower
Photo by EVG photos on Pexels.com.

L’ Ecole de Joaillerie, in coordination with Parisian based Van Cleef and Arpels, is holding a program of jewelry making courses, lectures and event programs in NYC from October 24th to November 9th. It will be held at a mansion on the Upper East Side of NYC at 2 East 63rd Street. Features will be; the history of jewelry by art historians and jewelry experts, Urushami design, a Japanese lacquer technique, Daniel Brush’s gold cuffs and necklaces, a showcase of 20 replicated diamonds from Tavernier, belonging to the Great Mogul and Sun King. L’ Ecole came to the city, last year, through a program with the Cooper Hewitt Design School. Now, they will hold adult and teen classes which expose people to the design and knowledge reflected in the Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry. For further information go to www. l’ecolevancleefandarpels.com.



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