Crystal Collusion: Austria’s Swarovski X Japan’s Yayoi Kusama

clear water drops
Photo by Anthony on

Swarovski, a company known for its’ crystal jewelry, accessories and decor, headquartered in Wattens, Austria, is partnering with Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama. Kusuma created a crystal chandelier called the “Chandelier of Grief” for Swarovski which is part of the Infinity Light Room series. Swarovski HQ has a new building, opening in 2019, The Future Crystal Cutting Room, there is building 311 and a large manufacturing site. The company has the Swarovski Opitk Division as well as other divisions. The Swarovski Headquarters has a mountain spewing water out of a mouth like structure which is a design spectacular within itself. It is an innovative design company which markets its’ white and colored crystal jeweled products in their stores worldwide. Yayoi Kusama is a painter and sculptor, especially known for polka dots, pumpkin designs and light exhibition. There is a museum with her works located in Japan and she has had museum exhibits of her work in D.C. and around the U.S.. Swarovski has partnered with fashion companies such as ; Dior, but this will shine the light on the Austrian crystal house with a Japanese touch.


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