It’s a Hot Halloween

assorted color gummy worms
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Every year, Halloween comes around on October 31st, originally a pagan holiday and then a Christian tradition. It has become a more secular day/night where children and adults engage in festivities. Fashion, design, costumes and makeup play a big role in this day which is celebrated across a variety of cultures. Makeup line; Wet n Wild, carries skeleton stencils, glitter, holiday face makeup, a Zombie silver colored blush and a palette named; Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun”. Barney’s NY has a line of superman and animal costumes with a trendy twist. Sugarfina, the high end adult candy from Beverly Hills, has a box of spooky candies shaped with bones/skeletons in a grave shaped design box. There is the Greenwich Village parade with its’ outlandish costumes and creative home decor in the city. Parties are held at venues such as; the Rosa Mexicano Restaurant group which ¬†celebrates Mexico’s version; El Dia de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead. They are featuring a prix fixe menu, have Latino music and advertise this event on a postcard with festive skull decor. The hot spot, Omar’s at Vaucluse, is hosting a three course diner with champagne and the dress is black tie with a mask. Halloween is still a time for children to go door to door dressed up as a princesses or the latest video game characters, but it has come a long way since the days of Charlie Brown in “the Great Pumpkin Patch”. There is glitz and glamor as fashion and design can transform your fantasies.





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