The Pearl Girl


Pearls have been used as a decorative form for ages.

K2 Pearls is an online retailer, but made it’s mark

at the Nolita Market, which operates throughout the

warmer months. The owner, Kevin Lee, is NY born and

was an English instructor in Asia. He decided to gather

pearls from lakes and oceans in China, Indonesia, Bali, Fiji,

Java and French Polynesia. He uses nature’s color palettes,

from white to purple and golden South Sea pearls, to

jewelry that is on display next to the Old St. Patrick’s

Church. Natives of these countries, help to design and

create the line. The collection of pearls are sometimes

solitaires or strands which become bracelets, necklaces

and earrings. He uses gold and silver vermeil as chains,

stone material merges with the pearl designs. The table is

open from 10 A.M. until 6:30 P.M. on Wednesdays through

Sundays in the spring to fall. During the winter, Kevin Lee

travels to countries abundant with pearls and works on

the collection. He still writes  and has published a book;

Indonesia Discovered. The book covers his journey through

the land and speaks to his personal journey with people,

language, culture and pearl arena. Lee speaks Indonesian,

the fashion is intertwined with the culture of each region he

visits. Another jewelry line which is admired in the pearl

world, is Mikimoto, founded by Mr. Mikimoto of Japan in

the 1800’s. There is a boutique on Fifth Avenue and it caters

to high end markets worldwide. The company uses grade

A Akyoi shades mixed with precious gems and gold.

The displays are magnificent and are classic and modern,

often at auction houses such as; Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

Two companies which specialize in the pearl market yet

target separate markets. They both attract those who are

pearl lovers and afficonados.








1 thought on “The Pearl Girl”

  1. Thanks so much for writing about K2 Pearls Margo! And for taking such an interest in my pearl business. Your blog looks great! Hope to see you at the booth again some time soon.


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