Shiseido in Synchrony : East and West

Shiseido Cosmeticsattractive-beautiful-beauty-1073567.jpg

Shiseido Cosmetics is a Japanese skincare and cosmetics

company founded by Mr. Fukunara in 1872. It began as an

herbal pharmacy in the fashion district of Ginza with a

toothpaste.The name comes from I Ching; The Chinese Book

of Changes. It plays into the lines which emphasize youthful

skin and radiance. The product lines have oriental designs

and Japanese script.  Bottles have names such as; Zen with

Kyoto.temple motifs, Eudermine Essence Skin Softener with

characters in red. White Lucent clarifies skin tone,

discoloration.and is a brightening toner. This product line is

universal Asians tend to prefer lighter complexions. Shiseido

was introduced to China in the 1920’s and was marketed.

The 145 year old company globalized and Shiseido made

Beneficiance and Bio Lift to the eastern and western world.

The focus is diminishing wrinkles and lifting/firming skin

with collagen. Japanese females favor a girly look with a

youth line, but the company makes it easy to merge cultures.

Skincare is global and most people opt for similar beauty

standards, but the Asian focused advertising and sales force

tare able to merge their marketing and products globally.







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