Tiffany Blue


Tiffany’s is one of the most coveted jewelry, watch and accessory stores with its’ signature “Tiffany robin egg blue” color. The blue box with a white ribbon has been a sign of an impending wedding proposal or gift since the doors opened in 1887. Tiffany’s American flagship store, located at 725 Fifth Avenue in NYC, is a backdrop for the movie;”Breakfast at Tiffany’s”; starring Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard. Recently, the Fifth Avenue store opened The Blue Box Cafe, in Tiffany style, where they offer breakfast, lunch and tea thoughout the day. It is on their new homeware floor which has been redesigned featuring; logo block colored china patterns, blue cups and novelty items. The wedding rings, Schlumberger pieces, tanzanite (the stone name is coined from Tiffany’s) and Blue Book are brand hallmarks. Tiffany’s is known for fine jewelry as well as their Return to Tiffany collection in silver, gold and Rubedio with a heart emblem. The key designs, charm bracelets and T Smile line are big sellers too. The company has gone through a rebranding campaign since they wish to capture a younger market with a lower price point. The companies’ social media strategies: male figures, Hailey Baldwin, Instagram campaigns; Tiffany True engagement rings, Believe in Love hashtag, stickers and music are a new dynamic. The jewelry store has a mix of classic and new; their display windows and more modern look are seen in stores around the world. Many females flock to the window in search of their dream piece, similar to Audrey Hepburn standing in front of the store while wearing a little black dress with pearls.




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