House of Lauderee

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Lauderee conjures up an image of a spring day in Paris;

biting into a passion fruit macaron, sipping on tea or having

a sandwich. Even if one is strolling down Madison Avenue’s

Lauderee or lounging in the larger Soho branch, it is

quintessentially French. The macaron phenomena became a

recent trend and should not be mistaken for an almond

macaroon cookie. A macaron is a sandwich of meringue

cookies filled with flavored ganache or jelly in flavors

such as; salted caramel, cassis or vanilla. The first Lauderee

opened in Lille, France in 1862, it was a small bakery owned

by Ernest Louis Lauderee or known as E. L. Patisserrie.

Lauderee was a writer of history, critical essays, fiction

and poetry. This fiery literary genius might have, instead,

channeled his energy into the creation of the macaron. A

celadon green store with an aura of Marie Antoinette,

Croquebrune or towered wedding cakes, cherub insignias,

a salon with a tea parlor formerly for ladies, Lauderee

came to Paris on the Rue de Royale. There are currently

10 stores in Paris, one in Versailles as well as a spot at the

Charles de Gaulle Airport. From the 8th Arrondissement

to the Champs Elysee and Parisian districts with elaborate

dining, the company has expanded throughout the U.S.,

Canada, Europe and Asia. It was not until the 1930’s, the

grandson made the company a well known fixture with

the help of Pierre Herme. History takes time and the Co.

has gone through transformations, marketing and new

decor from notable interior decorator, Jaques Grange.

The window displays and accessories have brought the

launch of a makeup line; blush with the seal of Maire

Antoinette, lipsticks, perfume and scarfs. A colorful

macaron necklace from jewelry designer, Marie-Helene

Taillaic, in her NYC, Paris and Tokyo stores and partners

with Louboutin and Marni. Lauderee has been featured on

“Gossip Girl”, is in a scene from Sophia Coppola’s movie

Marie Antoinette and the store has published books. Oh,

just let them eat cake or mange le gateaux.

























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