Cartier’s Carat

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Photo by Lukas on

Cartier has its’ first pop up shop on 121 Wooster Street in

Soho. The display is from October 5th -November 4th-

11 A.M. to 7 P.M.. The exhibit is the introduction of Carat

Perfume, reminiscent of the brand’s diamonds. Mathilde

Laurent, the chief perfumier, developed the fragrance

with the Maison Cartier. A company, The Bureau of

London Affairs, set up panels of lights which are positioned

at differing angles, in order for the viewer to walk through

light diffraction. The experience, olfactory and sensory, is

an immersive experience and one receives a video of their

tour. Cartier studied a diamond baguette to see the light

diffractions which occur within their facets. The light,

an architectural prism of colors and is similar to the

creation process. The viewer also experiences a mono-

chromatic light with a burst of white flashes that bring a

halo effect similar to an olfactory sensation. Cartier

exhibits; The Mantra Wall, The Red Olfactory Boxes, The

Fountain, Pasha Men’s Grooming and Mille Facettes or a

Thousand Facets. A contest,”Your Chance to Shine”, will

give you a shot at winning the Leset Diamant Necklace and

VIP service. On Fridays, there will be hair styling with tiaras,

Saturday, engraving and flower displays, Sundays are for

olfactory meditation. Shine bright like a diamond and

diamonds are a girl’s best friend are never too cliche.




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