Uno de 50 Jewelry Designs for A Cause: Rett Syndrome

angel decor decorate decoration

Photo by Anthony on                                                             

Uno de 50, the jewelry and accessories company based

in Madrid is a popular boutique also carried

department stores. It has collections of silver, leather and crystal

bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Each season, Uno de 50

has a new design collection; tropical or jungle

patterns. The family run company, the Azuley’s have made

a commitment to support Rett syndrome, a neurological

disorder which impairs motor and intellectual  functioning.

300,000 have Rett’s worldwide and it is diagnosed as early as

2 and no later then 4 years of age. It affects mostly girls and

research and effective treatments are needed. In 2017,

Uno de 5o began carrying a bracelet where proceeds go

to treatments for this syndrome. The bracelet is unisex,

a silver piece with a child like angel wing design and is

either a red or black leather band. Julia Roberts represents

this illness too. Uno de 50  reflects a causal Catalan

design, but has a heart for medicine and a cause.

Uno de 50’s brand design is a silver locket with the

co. name in engraved in script. Their promises and

hope groups bring inspiration.


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