Met Gala in May


The Met Gala is held the first Monday in May, this year it is

May 6th, 2019. It is headed by Vogue Magazine’s, Editor

in chief Anna Wintour, and museum curator, Andrew Bolton.

It began in 1948 and was the brainchild of Eleanor Lambert.

A fundraiser held within the walls of the prestigious art

collection of the Met Museum. It is a theme gala, this year’s,

Susan Sontang’s “Notes from Camp” filled with satire

and frivolous fashion. The headliners; Lady Gaga, Serena

Williams, Harry Styles and Gucci’s director. Each year,

fashionistas, actors and musicians attend the gala and dress

according to the theme. It gets media coverage and TV

stations such as; E Entertainment Television film the

attendees walking the red carpet stairway. The camera

shoots before stars enter the glamorous gala. Last year’s

theme was; Heavenly Bodies and The Catholic Imagination.

Other themes are China Through the Looking Glass and

Punk Chaos to Couture.





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