First Lady Fashion

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The First Lady in the White House has always been subject to scrutiny over her wardrobe and Melania Trump has been no exception. She has been pictured by the media as a woman of high fashion and style, yet is controversial Given the fact she modeled and was in magazines before her role as First Lady, it makes some of her style choices more interesting as well as a reflection of the political atmosphere. She was criticized for wearing stilletos during Storm Harvey and a green jacket with writing;”I really Don’t Care, Do You” when she was in Texas visiting the border area where immigrant children from Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico were living at centers. She said the slogan referred to the fake media, not indifference about DACA and immigration. The latest fashion dilemma is regarding her recent trip to Africa, while on a Kenyan safari, she wore a white pith hat. The history of the pith hat is, it was worn by European colonists from England, France and the Netherlands when they occupied countries in Africa, India, and Asia. It is symbolic of their dominance and is a hat made of light weight material. It was worn by Meryl Streep in “Out of Africa”. Melania wore a white pantsuit and a tie, no one is sure whether this is a reference to female empowerment and the #metoo movement or whether it is a Katherine Hepburn look which her stylist chose. Regardless of politics, her fashion and style is a product of the current times, but it can be voted on. She will be interviewed tonight on ABC’s 20/20, so we wait and see how her style preferences  and mysterious manner come across in a question and answer scenario.


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